Prompts for
feeling loudly

(an ongoing list)

Recommended process:

  1. Hit “Generate” on the widget to get a random number.
  2. Scroll down to find the prompt that corresponds to that number.
  3. Follow the prompt (or pick one nearby that catches your eye).
  4. Repeat as needed.

  1. Through which sensory medium do you feel the loudest?
  2. You have 500 characters (spaces included).
  3. At what pace would you dig your own grave?
  4. Audre Lorde famously described herself as a “Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” In one or more words, what is your artist title?
  5. When was the first time you confronted your own mortality?
  6. What’s your favorite cloud?
  7. At what point(s) in your life did you feel like you were in a creative dead zone?
  8. What would you do if your dog could talk?
  9. When was the first time you felt authentic love towards someone?
  10. Who do you wish you had said “I love you” to?
  11. What would “completely starting over” look like in this exact moment?
  12. What’s the last thing you created?
  13. Do you believe in God?
  14. Do you believe in ghosts?
  15. Who are you doing it versus?
  16. Why now? (alt: why not now?)
  17. Describe first-day-of-school energy. What else has first-day-of-school energy?
  18. What’s the most important piece of furniture in your home?
  19. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  20. What is the difference between Art and art?
  21. What does new music sound like?
  22. When have you transcended your medium?
  23. Draw it.
  24. When do you fight / yell / cry / cringe?
  25. Who was the first person you’ll never forget?
  26. Why did you stop?
  27. Close your eyes for 20 seconds (30, 60, 100, etc.).
  28. Do you follow the rules?
  29. Build something.
  30. How many total pages have you written in your entire life?
  31. Have you ever had a premonition come true?
  32. What’s the most magical thing you’ve seen in real life?
  33. What things are you totally fine with never doing before you die? (i.e., the anti-bucket list)
  34. Why shouldn’t the inmates run the asylum?
  35. What’s your ultimate question?
  36. What was one song (or more) that changed what you thought music could sound like?
  37. What would you heist?
  38. Are you an afraid person?
  39. Do you want to have a sleepover?
  40. Draw a color (not in the color). Can a friend guess the color?
  41. Name all the elements (must be more than four).
  42. Eat vs. pray vs. love.
  43. How much time is left?
  44. Have you unpacked all your moving boxes?
  45. What haven’t you made?
  46. What about that (this, it, etc.) is meaningful to you?
  47. What is the resonant frequency of “the room”?
  48. Have you ever been the crazy thing someone else has seen or heard?
  49. What job would you be worst at?
  50. Where did you spend your “formative years”?
  51. Imagine that society is collapsing and all our data crashes/becomes technologically inaccessible. What do we carve into stone (like hieroglyphics on an ancient obelisk) to preserve our society and send a message to future civilizations?
  52. Are we in love now?
  53. Think about your recent art/media consumption. Is there a through-line that thematically connects them all? What might this mean for you?
  54. Who is the current “Emperor of Earth” (could maybe be someone no longer alive/in power)? Collapse history down from a macro level...who were the past “Emperors of Earth”? At what point will we no longer have an “Emperor of Earth”?
  55. What were you most terrified of (rationally or irrationally) at different stages in your life?
  56. What name would you choose?
  57. Is there a project you’re working on?
  58. Is there a project I can help you with?
  59. What makes you confront yourself? What do you find there?